Social rewards

A fun, convenient and social digital rewards app designed for you.

  • Earn digital rewards.
  • Get VIP access.
  • Grow and monetize your influence.
  • Combine digital and fiat payments in a single tap.

Earn digital rewards by sharing offers from local businesses. Spend them at the shops you know and love.

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A social and digital rewards app Designed for you!

Earn digital rewards

Invite, share and play to earn digital rewards valued at $1 each.

Grow your influence

Share exclusive offers and events to grow your network.

Get VIP access

Exclusive offers and events delivered to your inbox.

Spend digital rewards

Spend your digital rewards in the marketplace.

More than just rewards

Combine digital and fiat payments in a single tap.

Get rewarded

Businesses pay you each time you share their offers and events.

Grow & monetize your influence

Share exclusive offers and events to earn extra income in digital currency.

  • Grow your network and your influence.
  • Get paid with digital rewards.
  • Gain VIP status with local businesses.
  • Unlock exclusive perks and access.
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The marketplace

Browse exclusive offers and events in the marketplace.

Buy online or in store using digital and fiat combined.

Join now and receive
10 free pearls valued at $10
to get you started








Treasure hunt play to earn

Keep your eyes and ears open for QR codes and code words to find digital rewards all around you.

Spend them at the shops you know and love.

Seamless payments

Share exclusive offers and events to earn income in digital rewards.

  • Combine digital and fiat currency in a single tap.
  • Fully automated; the app checks your balance and pays the maximum tokens available saving your cash.
  • Discreet and convenient.
  • Safe, convenient and free.

A social app that lets you earn digital rewards by shaing offers from local businesses.

  • Grow your network, influence and income.
  • Play to earn by finding QR and code words.
  • Get treated like a VIP by local shops and clubs.
  • Pay digital and fiat in a single tap.

Join now and receive
10 free pearls valued at $10
to get you started

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Is it free?

Pearls is 100% free for personal use. Businesses only pay for tokens they create at pennies per token.

Is it safe?

Pearls is a bank grade application, built on a PCI compliant, IOS certified banking platform. It is both safe and convenient.

Are my details secure?

Pearls holds as little of your data as possible. Critical data such as banking and credit card details are all held by either Stripe or our banking partner. Both of these companies are PCI compliant and are some of the safest data facilities on the web.

Do I need to KYC to use

Know your customer (KYC) is a requirement for a seller of digital currency “that can be exchanged for fiat currency (cash)” to validate their users. Pearls and branded digital currently can only be exchanged for goods or services within the platform. As such there is currently no requirement for a personal user to have their details validated (KYC).

How do you earn money?

Businesses create digital coins on the platform. They have value because the business agrees to accept them back at a percentage of sale. The percentage and terms are set on the offers they post from time to time. They pay personal users coins to share their offers with other users. The more you share the more you earn. Pearls also pays you pearls to invite users to the platform. Rates vary from time to time.

What is the difference between digital tokens, coins, rewards and pearls?

Pearls, branded coins and rewards are all digital tokens. Pearls are the default tokens in that they can be spent at any business on the platform subject to the terms of their offer. Branded coins (also called rewards) can only be spent at the business that issued them or directly associated with them such as franchises, multi locations business or landlords on the terms of their offer.

Are pearls a cryptocurrency?

No. Crypto generally refers to digital currency that can be exchanged for fiat currency (cash).

Can I exchange pearls for fiat currency

No. Currently pearls and branded coins can only be spent on goods or services from participating businesses. This may change at some point however you will be notified if this status changes.

What is fiat currency?

Fiat currency is currency that can be used to pay your taxes. Such as the dollar or pound.


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