Social Currency

Social Currency offers a new value system. Built on the blockchain pearls is a stored value system. Allowing you to safely earn, store and spend digital currency with just a tap or your phone.

So how does social currency work? is an ecosystem of local businesses and personal users. It allows businesses to grow and connect with their community. They can share without any cost VIP offers directly to their community and the users within this community can purchase these goods or services without any fees using digital currency.

Personal users earn the currency (coins) by sharing the businesses offers with their network for example “Join me for pizza tonight at 5:30?”. If the friend accepts both users receive coins. The business grows its business at no cost (apart from the coins) and the users both get to pay in part by digital currency. Sort of like a discount however the business can spend the coins with other businesses in the marketplace which ensures the users get VIP treatment every time.

Businesses create branded coins for pennies per coin and users earn them by sharing offers. The coins have value because the business has a mandate (a guarantee to accept them back at a percentage of sale). This percentage may vary from time to time depending on demand.

Businesses can spend their redeemed coins in the marketplace with other businesses and service providers. creating a trusted ecosystem where no one is discounting but everyone pays less. Transactions are direct with no fees or reduction in value. It is a win win for everyone. – social currency