Digital Rewards
Create your own branded reward coins for pennies per coin. Secure your brand in this new digital world before someone else does.
Share your branded coins across your contacts, socials and the media. All who accept your coins go into your audience. Broadcast real time offers to your audience anytime with just a few taps of your phone for free.
Accept payment in coins and credit cards in a single tap transaction using the pearls app. Coins have no transaction fees.
Store, manage and spend your redeemed coins at $1 each. Get full roi reporting on who receives and spends your coins.
How it works:

Download and register on the app. Earn, store and spend digital and fiat currency for free.

Add your business to the marketplace and create offers for free.

Create and share your own branded digital coins for 10 cents per coin.

Accept your coins back on your terms and spend your redeemed coins in the marketplace.