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Pearls is a digital rewards app. Add your business and your offer or coupon and promote your business for free.

Advantage over other offer sites or directories:

  • free to add your business and offers,

  • reach buyers where they spend most of their time; on their mobile devices,

  • use pearls rewards for free or brand the rewards for pennies per coin,

  • share rewards or give as loyalty and grow your network,

  • broadcast real time offers to everyone who hold your rewards for free,

  • offset any discounts you offer by spending redeemed rewards,

  • track your reach and roi with full roi charts and reporting.


How pearls work:

Offers and coupons added to the app are not discounts 'as such'. You sell them for digital coins (pearls).

You can use our pearls for free or you can create your own branded digital reward coins and share these across your network or ours.

Users find or earn them (through loyalty) then spend them on your offers. However digital coins do not disappear once redeemed, they continue to have value.

You can spend your redeemed coins with us and our media partners to promote your coins, business and offers and you can spend them with all the other businesses in the pearls marketplace.

This means any discount you offer can be redeemed and applied towards your marketing costs and / or spent in the marketplace offsetting any discounts you offer.

Pearls has a reporting feature to show you exactly what your roi is (cost per customer including marketing and incentives) so you can immediately compare it against any other form of marketing you do.

In addition you retain every user who accepts your coins so you can send real time offers directly to their mobile screens with a few taps of your phone.

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